From B.C. to modern times, art has been a medium of unyielding promise.
Always has, is and always will be...
At World Culture Art,
we strive to unveil the promise offered by the fine arts as they
continue to be passed down and developed over generations.

The transformation of painters from craftsmen to artists gave rise to numerous artistic movements which included the Renaissance, Impressionism, Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism. What all of these forms of expressions uncontestedly have in common is that they represent activities founded in the human spirit and branches in the history of mankind searching for emotion and cultivating his soul.
In our view, the greatest artistic experience one can have is the inexplicable stirring in one’s heart upon laying eyes on a work. Is this not the true nature of art, which remains consistent regardless of the genre and era at hand?
This kind of artistic experience can be had by anyone - provided that mankind will continue its unending search for hope and emotion.
At World Culture Art, it is our belief that a society allowing anyone to freely conduct activities founded in the human spirit represents the very foundation of what is needed for creating a rich society.
Our mission is to continue exploring the promise offered by fine arts in modern day society while helping to create a more ideal environment for artists across Japan to bring forth their craft. Along with these efforts, we intend to fully endeavor towards fostering and developing a cultural society that allows the amazing power that art has to move the hearts of people to flourish.
We hope to continue benefitting from your support and understanding in this regard. Thank you very much.

Hidetoshi Kushida
Representative Director and President